To do this, as announced a few months ago, the municipality has just been equipped with an advanced environmental camera produced entirely by the Tuscanian company called Geotech Engineering and capable of take with nearly surgical precision who throws or abandons waste disposal in various places where it is prohibited. The total cost is approximately € 4,200 and the camera – (“Attivates in many Italian cities with excellent results”, assures the Geotech commercial manager) – it allows you to detect the presence of a target (people and vehicles) in real time. “Every single movement – reciting the device’s illustration – the camera takes up an event, consisting of 10 to 300 photos, with a minimum frequency of 2 images per second, adapting to daylight and daylight conditions even in absence of light”.

The device is able to adapt to environmental conditions, it is able to make readble photos of the license plate in any situation, even in the absence of illumination or with headlights aimed at (the vehicle license plates in the photos, which we totally obscured, were perfectly visible). It is also capable of staying in standby for over a year (with three rechargeable batteries), also has a system for sending message for maintenance and anti-theft.

“The big advantage – they add the company – is that the camera can be easily moved, mounted and also managed by people easily without special electronic skills. Just download the photos in jpeg format on a computer and then analyze them. ” With the corollary, of course, that in case of violations the local police can proceed against the transgressors.

As said, the system will not be placed in a fixed point but positioned from time to time at different locations and could enter function early next year.


Source: Qui Como