Recent climate change has led to the emergence of sudden weather events that can pose great dangers to the population and heritage. Through the most appropriate sensors, Geotech executes a  project and installs the various components of the plant in order to minimize the risks and optimize the resources available. Data measured by the sensors is collected, processed and transmitted in real time to the monitoring station where they are used for the study of the phenomena in progress and the activation of the optical warning panels. The Geotech system sends monitoring images in order to verify the actual situation and to enable security subjects.


Data transmission in emergency situations is an aspect that must not be overlooked and must be carefully designed. The different territorial morphology and limited resources do not allow to choose a priori system compared to another, but it is necessary to draft a targeted project for the correct choice of the link system. The transmission systems used by the system year refer to the following technologies: Spinning, Radio, Satellite, Master-Point and GMS-GPRS.



Ultrasonic probe IP68 for water level detection, including anchor bracket. Ultrasonic level sensor. Applications such as hydrometer, suitable for outdoor environments with strong thermal hikes and environments with aggressive atmosphere. IP65 anti-corrosive aluminum frame with automatic temperature compensation. Complies with WMO standards for environmental monitoring. The sensor is completely immune to electrical disturbances and discharges of all kinds.

Sensor characteristics:

  • Water level sensor
  • Conforms to the WMO standard
  • Aluminum IP65 body for outdoor applications
  • Piezoelectric measuring system with automatic temperature compensation
  • Measuring range: 0/6000 mm (0 / 10,000 mm on request)
  • Resolution: 1 mm
  • Accuracy: 0.1% f.s.
  • Reduced consumption (<900mW read)
  • Very fast reading (> 1s)
  • Operating conditions: -25 / + 70 ° C even in aggressive atmosphere
  • Autonomy: 1 year in battery, unlimited with small 10W solar panel

Housing features:

  • IP 68, flood proof, guarantees continuous operation without maintenance.
  • No maintenance during operation due to contactless measurement
  • High efficiency of the system, as it is free from wear and maintenance
  • Accurate measurement results regardless of process and environmental conditions

Hydrometer radar 

It is a sensor for the hydrometric level measurement consisting of a K-band microwave transducer housed inside an IP68 resin body. The sensor measurement is performed by emitting a series of microwave pulses to detect the time between their output and their return echo; this measurement is processed by the electronics of the sensor. The low power consumption (<20 mA) and the degree of protection of the sensor make it an ideal tool for hydrological stations and level measurement systems in fresh or unmanaged fresh or salted waters. More stable (especially than thermal and windsurfing) and precision of an ultrasonic hydrometer and recommended in place of ultrasonic sensors, for measuring ranges of more than 6 meters (up to 20 meters) and for installations with angled angle on the vertical. Accuracy <0.05% of the full scale.


The camera’s environmental control adds to the traditional measurement devices of the hydro-meteorological parameters that make up the monitoring systems and allows to capture, record locally and transmit in real time to the Network Management Center images of the monitored area in alert or on-demand .