GEOTECH ENGINEERING is a manufacturer of technology systems for contrasting improper waste disposal such as AFC, City Interactive and Solar Station. Our company (present on MEPA) specializes in video surveillance both in network with products (context and OCR) with Onvif protocol for isolated places (in particular for landfills – ecological islands – schools – parks and areas not covered by the network).
City Interactive is a Custom PA App created by Geotech to facilitate interaction with citizens. Citizens can send a geolocated photo of a problem on the territory (garbage, decoration, roadblock, etc). PA can send information individually to the user or to anyone who downloaded the City Interactive App. From September 2017, Solar Station will be available, the new photovoltaic LED streetlight with built-in (public lighting) camera and a Cloud-controlled computer that controls power consumption.

The AFC CAMERA controls all isolated environments that require reliable and invisible protection
With a simple and well-structured mechanism, the App City Interactive permits a complete and functional interaction between the Public Administration and the Citizen
Solar powered lighting device that can power loads like a USB charging system, camera - OCR cameras, weather alert systems, InfoPoint panels
We integrate our technology into a wide range of products
It allows the intelligent charging of a modular battery from public lighting, in order to have energy available for all 24 hours
Bodycam capable of recording videos in various formats, taking photos and recording conversations to hold more concrete evidence of the missions in progress
Our novelty will be presented at Ecomondo, a solution for the Smart City.

Our company produces the AFC specific product for the control of abusive landfills, optimized for reading car license plates and for reduced battery consumption. The device is activated by a PIR and allows you to perform a sequence of colored photo at daylight and balck and white in nightlight. It is capable of staying in standby for over a year (with three rechargeable batteries) is able to make readble photos of the license plate in any situation, even in the absence of lighting or with headlights aimed at them. The device automatically adjusts to light conditions. AFC is a Geotech project that has been entirely conceived  by our engineers, from optics to the control part, to the box designed and built using 3D printers. It also has a GSM message sending system for maintenance and an anti-theft system that also includes GPS. The device can be mounted and operated by anyone even without any electronic or computer skills. Our Company also offers full rental and management services.