The consolidated technical team that Geotech Engineering srl has made in the design and manufacturing market for new products and innovative systems has made the experience of engineers who have been part of the best workshops at the University of Florence in recent years. Thanks to the new research and development lab, equipped with the most advanced electronic measuring systems, the Team is able to develop innovative electronic systems according to a standard development path that includes: system or product feasibility study, preliminary design of the system, choice of materials suitable for the first prototype hardware, assembly of the first prototype, system firmware design, system software design, prototype testing, product engineering and product production.

Following this proven development strategy, the team has already developed systems and products that are still in the catalog.
These include the video system:
AFC-CAMERA: batteries for installations in isolated places and the resumption of any criminal activities including the abusive dump of inert or dangerous material.
PULSE COUNT: energy accounting system produced by photovoltaic systems for reporting to the Customs Agency.
PORTABLE VACUUM MACHINE: Portable system for detecting leaks in vacuum circuits for the test of refrigerators and air conditioners.
PULSE: a pharmaceutical machine for the detection of single-vial vials having micropores.

These are some of the products developed and sold by GEOTECH.
Thanks to the credentials and the remarkable experience of the team in the field of European and regional funding, GEOTECH Engineering srl works to gain access to fundraising for the production and design of innovative systems.
The customer is followed for access to the contributions delivered up to the realization of his idea.


It is a device that allows you to detect, in real time, the presence of a target (people, animals or other objects) in the monitored space: for each single movement, the AFC environmental camera shoots from 300 to 60 photographs at a minimum frequency of 2 images per second, adapting to both daytime and nighttime conditions. Both in presence of lighting and in total absence.

The municipalities in which the camera has been installed so far are: GELSIA, SAN COLOMBANO A LAMBRO, DESIO, SELARGIUS, MARITTIME CAMPIGLIO, PIEVE A NIEVOLE, LEGNANO, VITERBO.


The Football project is part of a more general field for the creation of a new playful and decorative product that differs from the traditional ones. As in traditional football, the fact of studying tactics and the creation of mediums and statistics for the implementation of gaming strategies can increase the pleasure of the game and make the product more attractive. This system has been incorporated into a product improvement context that, in addition to using innovative technologies, is to be installed in all those calciobalales that are sold as high quality products designed to be marketed on the eastern market where they are today cult objects. These products utilize a high-level design designed with valuable materials that can make the product for the living room of the largest villas in Eastern European capitals.


Pulsar, the innovative microprocessor detection machine on liquid foil filled with conductive liquid, belonging to strips running on the conveyor belt of the machine itself. Check fialoids in strips of any color and with variable dimensions as long as they are filled with material with electrical conductivity. Maximum inspection frequency 500 fialoids per minute. Thanks to its electrical and mechanical characteristics, PULSAR is easily plugged in every continuous production line.


SinEnergyManager, or SEM, is an electronic device developed to optimize the use of energy produced with renewable sources. For its intrinsic operation, it is a device that allows you to consume energy from renewable sources directly on site, allowing for substantial energy savings. Applies to any photovoltaic system regardless of the inverter installed and counters. Easy to use and install. Configurable from pc to local network with simplicity and possibility to be connected to an ADSL router.