Intelligent charging system and remote control of an isolated solar system. The Solar Station consists of two independent power plants that work together: Solar Station Charge and Solar Station Control (communicates with Solar Station Charge and allows remote control via UMTS). In addition to the main load, it is possible to feed and control other loads from remote (lamppost, refrigerator, pump, etc.).


The system ensures remote management of installed devices such as: camera motion capture (allows the viewing of photos and movies), generic USB (cellular and tablet charging), Hot Spot WI-FI (provides internet connection up to 15 hosts), InfoCity municipal display (feeds screen in isolated places), Weather alert probes etc.Both control units are smart and interactive. The body of the system is made of stainless steel and compact, with customizable panels with specific images for the living environment: playgrounds, bike paths and roads that are not covered by electricity.


The photovoltaic panel supplies solar power that is used to charge the 120 Ah battery through the intelligent Solar Station Charge. The control unit also intelligently regulates the main load absorption (eg lamppost) and activates / deactivates secondary utilities such as camera and USB; It also collects data from many sensors such as room temperature, outdoor lighting, battery status, and so on. The collected data is then automatically transferred to the second intelligent control unit, the Solar Station Control, which communicates with the reserved area of Cloud Geotech. With the control panel you can view the received data in a simple and immediate way and enable / disable the peripheral tools.


Intelligent eco-sustainable system.
Automatic load management: 10 days of activity even in the absence of sun. (Must be tested for different main loads depending on their characteristics as frigo- pumps).
Real time faults analysis.
Remote device control.

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